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“Why should I not publish my diary? I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and I fail to see – because I do not happen to be a ‘Somebody’ – why my diary should not be interesting.”

(Charles Pooter in The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith. Originally published in Punch, and re-published in book form in 1892.)

Russell Croft is the author of Bring Him in Mad, a fictionalised account of the real-life Windham Lunacy Trial of 1861/2:

4102NrQuwmL__AA160_Follow the Bookmarks to the right to learn more about the author and his work, or to acquire a copy in print or e-book form.

Despite being a literary nobody Mr Croft blogs monthly on subjects that are interesting him, mainly literary and nineteenth-century historical. Follow the page tabs above, or search this site, to find out more. If you share any of his interests, Mr Croft would be delighted to receive comments on his posts.

He is currently writing a second novel, with the same narrator as the first (a solicitor) and set a few years afterwards (in 1864). It is a tale with a maritime flavour, set against the backdrop of the American Civil War .

Have a blogging good 2015.

Russell Croft (January 2015)

The banner illustration at the top of the page is a detail from The Dancing Platform at Cremorne Gardens (Phoebus Levin, 1864) Museum of London. This setting is featured in the chapter of Bring Him in Mad entitled “A Christmas Pantomime”.

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3 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Dear Mr Croft,
    What wonderful, perceptive reviews you write although few offer that many positive comments. Like you I struggled with ‘Stoner’ and ‘H is for Hawk’ but atleast they were tackling serious subjects. I am an obscure debut writer whose book on a young man trying to become a singer in Handel’s time is probably full of flaws and folly. But I would happily send you a free download of the audio version or a PDF of the written version so you can cast your eye or ear over it. I realise it would not merit a review but, who knows, you night be writing about another novel about classical music (there are few) and mention mine in passing.
    Sincerely, Sheena Vernon http://tinyurl.com/povxsus

  2. K Hall says:

    Dear Mr. Croft,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society (LPLS) just to say how much we enjoyed your blog piece on ‘The Leeds Mummy’. At the LPLS Council meeting last night it was agreed that, since the Mummy was originally a gift from LPLS to the City Museum which it had founded, we would very much like to include a link to your piece on our new website which is due to be launched shortly. I therefore just wanted to contact you to ask whether you would be happy for us to do this – as well as include links to any other pieces that you have written which relate to areas of interest to LPLS and its history? Also, we thought that you might be interested to know that those objects in the City Museum collection which were originally held in storage are now held at the Discovery Centre where they can now be seen by the public.
    Thank you once again for an excellent piece,
    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. Kersten Hall

  3. la giovnilli says:

    Well Russell, I loved your piece on the womens movement and I completely agree that those who shout loudest get their names in the history book, whilst others are just quietly getting on with it. To each his own as always. I for one am terribly glad to have the vote and use it every time. Sadly not all women do and I did have a terrible argument in the bakers with one women over Brexit who said she didnt vote because she didnt understand it. I told her she should have made the effort, but would she then have voted like all the other idiots who also didnt trouble to find out what it all meant?

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